Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beautiful Fall Evening

Today was one of those beautiful Fall evenings that make it easy to get in the training miles. The temps were mild, the sky was clear, the sun was low and turning orange. The water on the little lake was as smooth as glass and the trees, sky and sun were reflected perfectly. Every once in a while a lone duck would break up the reflection.

I had two problems. One, my iliotibial band was sore causing my left leg to feel sore and stiff. I was EXTREMELY slow! After two miles I felt better and was able to pick up my pace a little.

Second, after only two of four laps around the lake, the battery in my MP3 player died. ARGH!

So, I walked slowly in silence for two laps. It was still a perfect evening for walking and I feel great! Well, I ALMOST feel great. My left leg is still stiff and sore and my knees are swelling. But my mood is great! After a little ice and rolling my legs with The Stick, I should feel better in no time.

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