Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Albany Walking Classic

The New Albany Walking Classic was held today. And as promised it was a great event! How Phil can even control the weather, I'll never know.

There were somewhere around 1,600 walkers at this year's 10K. The first male, Matt Boyles from Yellow Springs, OH, finished in about 50 min. (That is about an 8-min. mile.) It was almost 5 min. before the next walkers crossed the finish line.

The first woman finished under 60 min., though I did not get her name. (Sorry about that.)It was great seeing lots of friends like Bob from Texas, all of the people from WV and og course the Buckeye Striders. Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello!

Congrats to Larry Smith who barely beat out his nemesis, Rob Crouse. It was close to the finish and exciting to watch you guys compete!

Congrats and thanks, Phil! It was a lot of fun and I appreciate your letting us be involved!

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Anonymous said...

Cindi, you are right - it was a great event! Great day; a lot energy in the crowd; and all kinds of giveaways, food, and health information. Phil did a tremendous job on it.

Thank you for the congrats. I know Rob was a little under the weather this last week, so any time I can catch him, I will take it. And, I barely did, it took me the last 50 yards to do it. I have to say, Rob is one class act. He was genuinely happy for me and my performance, and I really appreciated that. What a great person.

It has been a lot fun this year competing with him and Thorston from New Albany Walking Club, and all the other Buckeye Striders. I can't wait until next year's racing season.

I just hope the sport of race walking, and walking in general, keeps growing. It is a wonderful way to improve one's health. Phil is doing a great job promoting walking, and you are too, with your terrific magazine.

Take care, hope to catch you at more events!

Larry Smith