Sunday, July 15, 2007

8 is Great!

I got 8 miles in today and it was great! I was a little nervous because once I get beyond 5 or 7 miles during training, I worry about how I will feel.

I went to one of my favorite parks that has an almost 4-mile loop. It has great trees, hills (hard to find in Columbus), varied scenery and deer. It also has drinking fountains, one 2-miles into the loop, and bathrooms.

Because it was hot I decided to take it easy for a couple of miles until I knew whether the heat would bother me. After about 2 miles I decided to just take it easy today. I enjoyed seeing how much everything had grown since my last trip there. There was plenty of shade and I even saw one deer. In fact, the walk was so enjoyable, I didn't even notice the second time I hit the hills.

I finished feeling fantastic!

Dave's Crim 10-mile training schedule has us do two 10-mile days. I know by the time I get to Flint for the Crim, I will be more than ready. I'm confident it will help my half marathon training, too!

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