Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Columbus Monthly Article

Earlier this year I was interviewed by Columbus Monthly magazine for an article about walking. Well, the article finally came out in the July issue! I'm pretty happy with how I came across. I'm quoted significantly, which was nice --especially since I sounded OK. The magazine did a good job of running photos of most of the people interviewed, and my photo was flattering. I'm a little hyper critical because I was on a medication that caused weight gain back then, and have lost more than 10 lbs since the photo was taken. Regardless, it's a nice photo. (My hairdresser will be happy my hair looks great!)

This is funny. I skimmed the article yesterday evening and was all excited. Then several hours later, when showing it to a friend, I noticed the subhead above the portion about me said "Unfit Thin Person." Now, I have always described my "before walking" life that way, but it hit me as humorous seeing it as the subhead about me!

I'm hoping that the publicity helps to generate some interest in WALK! Magazine by Columbus area walkers.

Thanks to Phil Heit for suggesting I be included in the story! Congratulations to everyone in the story, especially Larry Smith, who reads this blog!


Anonymous said...

Cindi, thanks for the plug! You had me cracking up!

It was a very good article, and you did a great job. You were half the article! It was fun for me too.

Off to Napa, California tomorrow morning. My wife and I are doing the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon. She is running it, and of course, I am walking. It should be great. At the finish line, they give all the finishers a commemorative wine glass to sample wines of the region at the Wine Festival immediately following the race.

Catch you soon.

Larry Smith

Cindi said...

I've been checking this blog nearly every day waiting to see what you would say.

I've only had 3 people who didn't know about it in advance say anything ti me. What kind of reaction have you had?

The Napa event sounds great! When Skybus announced $10 tickets to SanDiego this week, I looked to see what half marathons I could enter, and by the time I decided to go for it, the prices were up to about $125 round trip.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Cindi, out in Sonoma, and we did the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon this morning. The first half of the race had beautiful wine country scenery and I was cruising along. But, I went out too fast and it cost me in the end.

The second half was mostly uphill, and my legs were cramping the last 2 miles (I need to figure out what is going on with that). The last 2 miles were my slowest. I think I had a personal best. I say, I think. I forgot to turn my watch off at the finish because of the leg cramps, and it was hard to tell when I actually got to the start line. The finish line clock said 2:19:something, and if I started about 2 minutes after the official start, I had a PR. PLUS, get this, I had to wait at an intersection for 1 1/2 minutes! They randomly let cross traffic go. So, I was one of the unfortunate ones to get stopped.

I have some issues with the race organizers, including no racewalking division, even though I signed up as a racewalker in February. I told them that they had a category last year, that I looked up the results, and the head organizer told me there is no racewalking division, and she knows nothing about last year. End of discussion. Nice. Nice attitude.

But, we are having a great time. My wife met beat her goal of 2 hours (running). She did 1:55.

Regarding the article, I have had a number of people, mainly friends and neighbors come up to me and tell that they really liked the article. A few of my friends razzed me about it, and told me I was pathetic. When I was in the middle of my long walk a week ago, one day after the magazine came out, I had a guy walking toward me yell out that he saw me in Columbus Monthly. I have no idea who he is. It was funny.

Ok, enough. Or I need to get my own blog. Glad you had a good 8 mile walk.

Back to some wine...It helps with the soreness!