Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just Plain Tired

I just did NOT feel like walking today. It was hot, humid and I was still tired from our neighbors setting off fireworks until the wee hours this morning. I guess they didn't have to work today.

I decided to just go out and walk casually for 3 miles. I did that for about 40 min. and started feeling a little better as time went on. At that point I also stopped to watch an auto accident at the end of our street. It attracted several firetrucks and ambulances, and looked as if it involved 4 cars. I couldn't tell how many people were hurt.

That short break was just enough of a rest that I felt great! I picked up my speed and even added a couple of cul de sacs I Originally planned I would skip.

I feel bad about the accident, and wouldn't normally stop to gawk, but I needed to regroup. And I left feeling more energetic.

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