Monday, May 22, 2006

After Effects

I feel pretty good today! In fact, I feel better than I did after the Pig. No sore toes waiting for the nails to turn black, very little stiffness, no problems climbing stairs. I even wore heels today with no problem! I walked to the PO to pick up my mail and it felt great. (Not in heels.) I wish I could have been faster yesterday, but at least I feel good. I'll work on speed starting in a couple of weeks.

While talking about the weekend today, I told this story to a couple of people thinking it was funny, but apparently I'm the only one who saw the humor in it. I'm going to try it out one more time here.

At the Cleveland Expo, one of the exhibitors had a handheld device that measures percentage of body fat using an electrical current. I had the test done. The gentleman read the results and said I had too much body fat. (I knew that.) Then he looked at the card I had filled out with my age, height and weight, and he said, "Oh, for your age you are OK." At first I thought how cool it was that he thought I am younger than I am. Then I realized he was saying that because I'm old, it's OK to be fat. (Chris and Jeeyum, I am NOT fishing for compliments here. I'm just saying what ran through my head as I processed what he said.)Nothing good ever follows the phrase: For your age... Regardless, it's a good news bad news thing, and I think it is funny!

For the record, though I know I am not fat and I am within a normal range for weight, I would like to be more fit and replace some of my body fat with muscle. Also, I do not consider 45 to be old. In fact, within the last few years, I have felt healthier and younger than before I turned 39.

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