Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Shoes

I tried on some great shoes today! I loved the New Balance that replaces the former 833. I believe it is #825. Unfortunately, something has changed a little, and my right ankle wobbles in it even though I loved the 833.

Tried several other pairs, a couple like the NB that I wanted so bad, but my ankle was weak. They did not have the Asics I wanted to try, and won't until June. I ended up with a pair of Mizunos that are flexible and keep my ankle straight. I'm happy.

While walking around the parking lot in two different shoes - one bright red the other white with purple trim - I encountered a woman who gave me some advice on how to buy shoes. She was extremely nice, and the advice would be perfect for someone like her who has broken bones in her feet, but unfortunately, was not what I was looking for. I bought the pair she recommended, but for different reasons.

I hope my blister problem will be behind me. I loved the Saucony shoes I was wearing - they were light and flexible and comfy. I'm thinking they just were not right for the number of miles I've been putting on them. I would never recommend wearing brand new shoes in a race, especially as long as a half marathon, but with my blister problem I don't really have a choice. So, against everything I know I should be doing, I'll be wearing new shoes this weekend at the Flying Pig. I'll let you know how it goes.

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