Saturday, May 13, 2006

Overwhelmed by minutiae

Sometimes I get a caught up in the minutiae of everyday things and become depressed. Granted my everyday minutiae is a little different now that I'm publishing my own magazine, and I'm sure that is why it can be overwhelming.

But every once in a while, because of the magazine, I have the opportunity to meet really interesting people and they help me look beyond the minutiae and realize this is what I really want to do, and I can deal with it.

Earlier today I was a little depressed thinking about everything I have yet to complete for the Summer issue. I'm sure the grey skies and perpetual rain for two days did not help.

Then I went out to WalMart to interview members of the Steps Across American team. It's a group of people who are walking across the United States as part of the Sportline team. Split up in groups of two, four people walk each day. Each team walks 20 miles, one group in the morning the other in the afternoon. Each 20-mile leg, one of the team members carries a pedometer that will track the steps taken across the entire country.

The people I interviewed, Kam and Richard, were very nice and interesting. I came away from meeting them feeling better. I'm more energized, I'm excited about the article I will write, and I'm feeling good about finishing up some of the things I have yet to write!

So, stepping away from the minutiae and talking to people I would have never met otherwise, helped me today. Thanks Kam and Richard! I really enjoyed meeting you.

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