Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Getting in a Few Miles

I'm getting a little bit lazy with my walking. I need to start working on speed, but since I know that is built into Dave's Walking Team Training programs, I'm not really doing it yet. I'll begin training for real the first week of June.

Instead, I take very circuitous walks to get in miles while pretending to run errands. I took a book back to the library today, even though it is not due for weeks, went to the post office to mail some packages and went further up the street to hit the bank. Adding the bank to the route gives me an additional mile for 3 total. I am getting a little bored by walking the same route and not challenging myself, but I feel the only way I can fit in walking is by killing two birds with one stone. (The PO trip was mandatory.)

Now I need to quit posting and get back to work.

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