Sunday, May 13, 2007

Serious Ad Help Needed

As many of you know, WALK! Magazine has a small staff. I have been trying to increase the staff by adding an advertising sales person and have not been successful. Because we are still "growing," it is not a full-time staff position, which makes it difficult to fill. And, I know this is hard to hear, but we need advertisers to succeed and grow. (Catch-22?)

Job Description
- You can work from anywhere! (Well, anywhere except the WALK! Magazine offices, we don't have the room.)
- There are no set hours, so basically, you could have a full-time job and still be effective. We estimate 10 hours a week would get someone started. The number of hours will vary depending on your schedule and the response.
- This position is commission-based, however, we could negotiate.
- This is a contract position, so someone who already sells advertising for other publications would be perfect for this job!

It won't be easy to get started, but the growth potential is unlimited! We are confident that WALK! Magazine will be taking off very soon, and this position is key to our growth.

So, if you know someone who would be interested in selling advertising for us, please let me know. Feel free to send a personal e-mail to me at for more information.

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