Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Summer Issue

The summer issue of WALK! Magazine is shaping up. We have a great 8-page insert from the New Albany 10K Walk. Not only does it increase the number of pages in this issue, but it also includes good information about walking in general and the New Albany 10K Walk specifically.

In addition, we will have an interesting feature about Matt Hoover. I hope his name sounds familiar - he was the winner of The Biggest Loser 2. He married Suzy Preston, who was also on the show, and they both use walking as their main exercise. I'm looking forward to talking to him later this week.

We also are updating our list of walker friendly fall events!

And don't miss our regular columnists: Roger Burrows, Dave McGovern, Tim Seaman and Bonnie Stein. (Alphabetical order.)

It is looking like it will be another great issue! Don't miss it!

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Dan Molnar said...

Cindi, would you consider publishing once again the pace chart that appeared in Walk! magazine a couple of issues ago? I tore it out and saved it. It's a very useful tool. The summer issue is probably full already, but it would sure look good in the fall issue. Dan