Sunday, May 06, 2007

Things I Learned at Indy

Here are the things I learned at Indy:

1) Take a hand cart! I was halfway to Indy when I realized mine was in the foyer at home. (Nice people helped me unload and load.)
2) Many women think Dave McGovern is a god. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me he is handsome, well, I'd be about $10 richer.
3) No matter what size shirts I have in stock, they won't fit the people standing in front of me.
4) If I leave my booth for even a minute, a crowd will form. (OK, I already knew this.)
5) Indy has great art in the city! One of the art pieces was an animated full-size walk signal - a man on one corner, a woman on the other. When it was time to walk, the person started walking in place. When the light was red they both stood there, shifting their feet waiting. Very cool! (I forget the artist's name.)
6) Bonnie Stein's students will go anywhere for good race.
7) Be wary of I-70. I was able to exit 70 to get to my hotel by the outer belt. But between the outer belt and downtown you can't get back on!
8) When there are a lot of people, I need to make eye contact with the ones in the middle of the crowd. Because most walkers assume everything is for runners, they don't get as close to the booths. I meet their eyes, hold up a magazine, and they reach between the people. It was perfect.
9) Walkers tend to travel in groups. I'm surprised I never noticed this before. If I get the attention of one walker, three or more others will come over, too. If one is buying a shirt, others will, too.
10) I don't have a 10. I just felt funny leaving it at 9.

Regardless, Indy was great! I hope I get to go back next year!

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