Sunday, May 06, 2007

Indy was Fantastic!

The Indy Mini Marathon Expo was great! The hours were a little bit shorter, my booth space was primo and the participants were very friendly! Shorter hours is better for two reasons: 1) there is less dead time when no one is coming through and 2) I don't have to stand as long so my feet feel better. I usually go to expos alone, so I don't have the opportunity to take a break.

For the 4 hours on Thursday and 11 hours on Friday traffic was steady and often very heavy. I was hopping the entire time! A big thanks to Judy Jackson, a reader from Flint, MI, who volunteered to give me a break on Friday. I hate to leave when there are potential subscribers around and I desperately needed a break.

I handed out 1,200 back issues of the magazine! That is a new record! The last time we were in Indy, we gave away only 900 magazines.

This is the first expo I brought "gifts" for subscribers. I really enjoy it when readers come by to say Hi and tell me they like the magazine! Anyway, I took a case of Propel with me, and subscribers received a bottle as a gift. It was gone by early afternoon Friday. (I'm sorry I ran out so early!) It's great when subscribers say how much they enjoy the magazine while others are deciding if they want it! I made several sales because of this. Thanks! You guys are the best! (I wonder if Runner's World has such loyal readers?)

My misprinted cotton T-shirts sold like crazy! I think I just have XL and XXL left. (I don't want to rehash the whole story, but the underline on the back of the shirt shifted at the printer. Most people didn't care, I just couldn't sell them at a profit.) Anyway, I don't plan to carry cotton anymore. We have a new online store that will print them as they are purchased. That way, I don't have to guess what sizes people will buy, and I don't have to maintain an inventory. I'm not good at that and lots of people had to wait too long for their shirts. The technical shirts will still be sold through our regular online store and at expos. Confusing, I know, but it's the only way I can offer both fabrics. And now we can offer new designs at very little cost!

A friend of mine said he thought WALK! Magazine was starting to really take off. I think he is right! The response I had at this expo was so positive - the best of any place we have visited! I feel very inspired and encouraged. Thanks everybody! Walkers are the best!


Dan Molnar said...

Cindi, you are amazing. How do you find the time and energy to race, participate in the expo, and put together a quality magazine? Whatever your secret, keep it up. Dan

Cindi said...

Well, I never sleep...

Thanks, Dan! The most important thing to me is that the magazine is well received. I'm glad you enjoy it!


barbara said...

It was nice to meet you briefly! I stopped by with several family members so I didn't get a chance to spend time there.

But I had told you that I found your blog last week so I thought I'd stop by and say hi.

Sounds like you had a very successful weekend!

Cindi said...

I remember you! Thank you for stopping by. I was wondering if you would post a comment since you introduced yourself. I hope next time I'm in Indy we'll have the chance to chat.