Monday, September 03, 2007

Cell Phones - Can't Live with Them...

I have had cell phones with the same company for a number of years. The service has been excellent, and until recently, the phones have worked great.

Earlier this year, I made the mistake of upgrading to a so called "better" phone. It was fine for several months, however earlier this week, suddenly no one could hear me though I could hear them. I took the phone back and they gave me a brand new phone. Yay!

On Friday, the buttons quit working on the new phone. I couldn't scroll through a single menu and the send button didn't send. I took it back and was given a new phone. Yay!

Today is Monday and my second new phone isn't working. I was out walking, tried calling home and couldn't hear a thing. My hsuband tried calling me back, and the phone never rang. The bad thing is, my husband didn't know I couldn't hear him and was worried that maybe something had happened to me. He walked up the street and looked for me.

So, if you have been trying to call WALK! Magazine, and it appears I'm not answering or I don't call you back, it just might be that my phone is sitll not working!

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