Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Albany 10K Walk

The event was fun! There were a few members of the Walking Team, but between injuries and other commitments, some were not able to make it to the race.

It was fun meeting the other Walking Team Members. We had a good time at dinner Saturday night. I appreciate everyone's help getting the tent set up, too.

The weather was beautiful! I don't know how Phil can control the weather, but he does it every year. There were plenty of water stops and the course is very nice. I didn't remember the speed bumps which I kept tripping over, and there were pylons in the center of the road, which several of us took turns tripping over (slow learning curve), but it is still a well run and fun event.

Everyone got technical shirts and windbreakers this year! I really like the jacket and even wore it today. They are greay, and I think I heard someone (Maryanne, maybe?) say something about feeling like she was in the middle of a group of Communists. (It was funnier in person than on screen, I'm sure.)

I'm starting to pick up speed again, and I think I did at least one mile around 14:00. We finished in 1:30, which wasn't bad.

A special thanks to Tammy, who doesn't know this blog exists! I really appreciate her coming to my rescue by helping out at the WALK! Magazine booth. I had the freedom to chat with walkers and do the race while she handled the business. Thanks!

The next event planned for me is Appleton Wisconsin next weekend! I can't wait!

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