Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Goofy Training

This is an unusual request. A subscriber who is doing the Goofy Challenge at Disney in 2008 asked for training advice. Any suggestions? How have you trained?


Sarah said...

Cindi, I know of a few people who have done the Goofy and they suggest doing back to back long distance days (LSD walks). The group that went this year (2007) did the back to back days and found that when the race day(s) arrived their legs were used to the two long distance days. They did 10km on two other days during the week.

Another person you may want to ask for some friendly advice is Dave McGovern. A friend of mine asked him how to train for it when we did his clinic a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, now I can't remember what he suggested - I figured I didn't have to listen at that point because I wasn't doing it! Sorry Dave....

Cindi said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the advice. I also suggested she join the Yahoo Marathon Walkers group. There are a lot of experienced walkers in that group!