Saturday, October 06, 2007

Laptops and Nuts

I recently bought a laptop computer so that I'm not chained to my desk constantly. I am one of those people who, if given the option of being outside or inside, will choose outside 90% of the time. (You probably do not want to know how I feel about air conditioning. It's a constant battle at my house.) Even now I am on my deck while writing this. It's amazing how freeing wifi can be, too!

Earlier this week, I ate lunch at a beautiful park under huge old oak trees! I had my trusty laptop with me so I could edit some things. The breeze was light, but ocassionally I would hear noises from the trees. I assumed the squirrels were running around having a great time. Suddenly something heavy fell from the tree and crashed beside the picnic table, scaring me half to death. Yes, I jumped. It was a small bunch of the biggest acorns I have ever seen and they were still attached to a good portion of branch! I started looking around a little more, and noticed that the whole area was being pelted with huge acorns!

First, I'm surprised I didn't notice earlier. Second, I'm pretty lucky I didn't get nailed.

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