Tuesday, October 09, 2007

You Can Tell It's Fall

I walked to the park by the library tonight and did a lap before heading back home. The typical signs of fall were everywhere! Not only are the leaves starting to turn, but the parking lots were packed, tons of people were out walking and the sports fields were full of kids playing soccer.

When you walk in local parks year-round, you start to learn the seasons based on useage as much as by weather. Spring and Fall seem to bring out the most people. Spring attracts the people who are excited the weather is finally warm. Fall brings out the people who are excited it has finally cooled off or are hoping to get outside a few more times before the upcoming winter. On the bike trails (where I don't walk anymore) you see a lot of people training for the Columbus Marathon this time of year.

Whatever the reason, I really enjoy being out and seeing the change of season.

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