Monday, October 15, 2007

Walking for the Environment

Today is "Blogger Action Day," and as a participant, I agreed to post an environmentally friendly message. Lucky for me, walking is environmentally friendly!

Instead of just using walking as a form of exercise, look for ways you can walk for transportation instead of driving. In many American cities this is tough because we are so spread out and need to drive.

I'm fortunate that the post office, a couple of grocery stores and the library are all within walking distance. My family is getting used to my reqesting we walk somewhere, but the neighbors still ask me if my car is broken.

Studies show that people who live in big cities with great mass transit are more fit than people who live in cities where they mostly drive. We can turn that around by walking a little more. The next time you feel like driving to get ice cream, check your mail or to pick up something light weight from the store, see if it is something you can do by walking first.

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