Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Big Sur in Spring!

Here's the good news! WALK! Magazine will be at the Big Sur International Marathon in the Spring! Can you imagine a more beautiful place to be in April after a chilly, gray Ohio winter than on the coast of California? (I know you don't all live in Ohio, but winters are not pretty here.)

There are several race choices: Full Marathon, a 21-Miler (used to be called the PowerWalk), a 10.6 Mile event, a 9-Mile event, a Relay and a 5K. This series of events attracts a lot of walkers and should be a blast!

I'm really excited about doing the 21-mile race! So, let's all go to Big Sur!!!

For the Full Marathon, participants must maintain a 15-min per mile pace to finish. For the 21-mile event, there is a 6.5 hour time limit, which I think works out to about 18 mins per mile. BTW: There is a Walking Division. (Though I couldn't find the info. today.)

Now for the bad news. The 21-mile race is already 68% full! The marathon is about 30% full. The shorter races will not fill up as quickly. I've asked the race staff to hold a few places in the 21-mile race for us, and they are willing to do that. I don't know yet how long they will hold the spaces for us, though. We had planned to have everything for the 2008 Walking Team ready for a January 1 kick off.

So, if you want to go to Big Sur with WALK! Magazine in April 2008, it is better if we know quickly.

For more information about the various races, go to For more information about the WALK! Magazine Walking Team, send me an e-mail.

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