Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Keeping a Gym Bag with Me

One of the things I find frustrating is that by the time I get home, it is too dark to go anywhere to walk. I like my neighborhood OK, but I get bored walking in it everyday. (How many times can I go up and down the same cul-de-sacs!)And who really feels safe in a park at night?

This morning I packed a gym bag with workout clothes and took it with me to the office. My plan was to change before I left this evening and stop at a park on the way home while it is still light. I received a few last minute phone calls and did not get to leave as early as I wanted. I was bummed thinking I would have to skip the walk.

I arrived at a park along a river a little bit before 5 p.m. I decided to walk in one direction from the car for 15 min., then turn around and head back. I parked in an open area where there were few trees. I also planned my route along the part of the road where there are not too many trees. As it turned out, I didn't need to worry. On the way back, it was still light enough that I took a minor detour up a little hill to add a few more minutes to the walk. I ended up at my car after 33 min. and felt perfectly safe!

There were not a lot of people in this park today, and I'm not sure why. The temps were in the high 60s with a light breeze. It looked as if it would rain, which might have scared off some people, but it was still a great day to be out.

I've decided to pack a gym bag with walking gear and just keep it in my car all of the time. Then whenever I feel the urge to stop and walk, I can do it.

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