Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lame Excuse

Yesterday morning I planned to walk with my walking club. I remembered we were meeting at a new park and wasn't sure where it was. I didn't want to have to leave extra early just to find a new park, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. Is that one of the lamest excuses for not walking you have ever heard?

I had an early hair appointment and planned to walk when I got back instead. A lack of food and the chemicals at the hairdresser's (plus it took much too long), gave me a horrendous headache that took hours to get rid of. Needless to say, it sidelined my plans for a walk.

When I awoke this morning, I decided I could not keep making excuses for not walking. I looked out the window, saw we didn't get the snow predicted and went out for 30 min. It was just in our neighborhood, I didn't have any good books on my MP3 player, and I just let my mind wander. If I couldn't make it to walk with my friends, this was a nice second best.

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