Sunday, March 23, 2008

16 miles

16 miles is the longest distance I have walked since I completed my last full marathon in 2002. When we started at 7:30, it was a beautiful Saturday morning. At the beginning of our last loop, it started to sleet. (We did 4, 3.8 mile laps at a park, then added a mile at the end.) Again we were pelted in the face, but for only about 30 min. Though it got progressively colder, we kept going. I also got slower in that last lap! I just could not walk any faster. It's funny how much larger those little hills get in that last loop.

Three things I learned: 1) I need different shoes for those longer distances (maybe Monday?). My NB 902s are just too light for more than 13 miles. 2) I definitely need to get more sleep before a long training days. I lacked energy, and I think part of it was not enough sleep. 3) I need a bigger breaksfast on these longer days. A granola bar was not enough.

4 3.8-mile loops
1) 59:31
2) 59:20
3) 58:54
4) 1:00:36
one additional mile for cool down

We were slower than usual at about 15:39 per mile.

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