Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cure for Achy Legs

Usually when I travel alone, I try to make time for a nightly bubble bath. To me this feels like something special. I hate scrubbing my own tub at home, especially after a 14-year-old boy has used the shower, so I don't take bubble baths very often.

After dinner tonight, I was thinking about how tired and achy my legs are from yesterday's 12 miles, and how great the hot tub would feel. I looked outside and no one was in the hot tub or the pool!

I hesitated about 2 seconds before I quickly threw on my suit, threw jeans and a T-shirt over and ran outside. There was no one in the entire pool area, let alone in the hot tub!

So, I sat out there, in the dark, by myself in that fantastically relaxing hot tub for about 20 min. Heaven! After a while, a couple different men came out to check out the facilities and I felt like I was in a scene from a bad horror movie. (So why was I sitting with my back to the door?) Though I felt safe enough, and the men totally ignored me, the atmosphere was gone and I reluctantly got out and went back to my room. Still, 20 min was enough. My previously achy legs feel fantastic!

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