Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Shoes

I just got two new pairs of shoes: One pair is very light, flexible and great for walking really fast; The other pair is heavier, well padded and great for walking long distance. Both are by New Balance.

I noticed after doing 16 miles last weekend that my NB 902s are too light for going farther than about 12 miles (13.1 tops). My feet were sore and tired the rest of the day. Though I recently picked up a pair of the 903s (bottom pair in photo), which are very similar, I definitely needed a more stable pair.

Last night I went to FrontRunner in Columbus to buy a sturdier pair of shoes and picked out the NB 768 (top pair in photo). I wore them today for about 45 min of walking and I like them. They are not very flexible, but they are pretty cushy and very comfortable. I think they'll be great for the 21 miles of Big Sur.

Observation: Last year, I ended up with shoes in some pretty outrageous colors. The famous yellow shoes were just one great example. When the 903s arrived I was surprised they were a pretty muted color - salmon! The 768s are grey and an olive green.

At the store last night, there was not a single screaming yellow or bright orange pair of shoes on the entire wall! I'm not really sure what makes a shoe color cool and what doesn't, but once you get used to really bright, obnoxious colors, it's hard to get used to more sedate colors.

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