Wednesday, March 19, 2008

8 X 400 in Sleet

It has been raining on and off for about two days. We were scheduled to do 8 X 400 sprints today. Knowing that Deb never walks in the rain, especially when it is cold outside, I anticipated not going to the park and figuring out where to do it on my own. I was pleasantly surprised that Deb was waiting for me.

The rain lightened as we started 8 one-quarter mile sprints, with 2 min. rests in between. (It was nice that the park had one-quarter mile markers.) The pavement was uneven and we even had a slight incline, which made the alternating laps a little tougher. (It felt like a mountain, but it wasn't even a hill.) Still, we felt pretty fast.

The rain turned to sleet, and we were thinking about cutting our training short, but once we were no longer being pelted in the face, we decided to do all 8 laps.

If the markers are accurate, we would have been walking faster than a 14-min mile!

Splits (Guess which way was uphill?)
1) 3.22
2) 3.29
3) 3.22
4) 3.28
5) 3.23
6) 3.28
7) 3.24
8) 3.31

Deb's luck with weather held out again! Though we had a little rain and sleet while we were walking, once we quit the sleet was pretty intense, and even stuck to the ground!

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