Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cindi's Adventure - or Walking to the Library When No One Shovels Their Sidewalks

It was 50 degrees and sunny today - plus it is now light an hour later due to daylight saving time. It seemed like the perfect day to try walking to the Library again.

The great thing about it being so warm today is that I wore a light fleece jacket with my jeans and winter boots, and I wasn't cold! It felt odd not wearing layers with several inches of snow on the ground.

The snow has been melting quickly, so in places the grass was saturated and squishy. I hopped over my share of mud puddles. Intersections were interesting to try to cross with the piles from the snow plows blocking crosswalks! Because of the melting, I sunk up to my knees in more than one spot. And the snow was actually more the consistency of a snow cone that real snow.

On the really covered sidewalks, I tried to put my feet in other people's footprints, but they were too far apart and it's harder to do when the other person was walking the opposite way. (Who would have thought?) The sidewalks in some parts were so bad, I ended up walking through yards instead. At least it was melting in the grass.

Regardless, I felt I had a good work out. Instead of attempting racewalking form (as usual), I was picking my feet up pretty high and working hard for every step. I could feel the muscles in my legs working differently.

Even though my boots leaked, the good news is I didn't slip and fall once!

In my neighborhood, most of the houses have cleared sidewalks, the apartments down the street do not (not unusual). What was really surprising to me, though, was that I left Columbus and entered Upper Arlington, and not ONE sidewalk was shoveled! It was horrible trying to walk in the half melted snow and slush. Now parts didn't seem to really be a home owner's responsibility, but other sections were right in front of houses and small businesses. I assumed the businesses would shovel.

Isn't it funny that every Columbus-area bike trail I have seen since Monday is completely clear of ice and snow, yet the sidewalks in front of homes are nearly impassible. I don't feel bad at all about walking through the middle of their front yards.

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