Friday, April 25, 2008

Big Sur Expo Day 1

The Expo went from Noon to 6 p.m. today. I like the nice short hours - I don't have to get up too early, don't have to stay too late.

We decided to go for a walk this morning beforehand. After a beautiful continental breakfast at the hotel, we went to the Old Fisherman's Wharf and saw some great restaurants and stores. Then we walked up the beach for quite a while. I gingerly walked through the loose sand until we got to the hardpacked sand. No sand in my shoes! Yea! We walked forever and still never got to the end of the beach. We got back to the hotel, another quick trip through the breakfast and got ready for the expo.

It took about 45 min to set up with the help of Glen who pushed the cart full of our boxes down the street for us, then we all walked around and talked to vendors. It was fun. Karen and Laura went to lunch while Deb and I manned the booth. Then we went to lunch while they manned the booth. It was great!

We met so many people from Ohio I was amazed! At least three from Cinci, a couple from Cleveland, a couple others who have kids going to college in Steubenville, and at OU and OSU.

We also met some great people who are vendors. They were so friendly! And I was surprised at how many of those businesses were owned by entrepreneurs (like me)!

Bart Yasso, one of Runner's Worlds editors had a booth and I met him. He wrote an interesting looking book about his life as a runner. I told him that I hoped to make WALK! Magazine the "Runner's World for Walkers," and he said that was a great goal. I also asked if he had any suggestions for growing the publication and he said he would think about it.

I also finally met Les Smith, race director of the Portland Marathon. It was nice to put a face with the phone voice. I told him we are coming out next year and that the members of the Walking Team have talked me into doing another marathon.

I shipped out just 600 magazines and flyers based on responses from previous Expos and knowing there are about 3,500 walkers entered. I thought today would be light, and we already went through over 200 magazines. I hope we have enough for tomorrow! I can see sending someone out to make copies of flyers before the day is through.

Anyway, it was a VERY productive day with all of us meeting some very nice and interesting people. It makes traveling so much more fun when you are with people who are fun.

I'm lucky to be traveling with Deb, Karen and Laura!

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