Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big Sur Expo Day 2

Much busier today than yesterday! We still did not hand out 400 magazines to meet my goal of 600, but we had a good response. Lots of people confusing us with the defunct Walking Magazine. (No we aren't the same, this new magazine is better and treats walkers like athletes.) We all would have sold more shirts if I had had them in stock.

Though the expo attendees were very nice, I still think those in Appleton, WI were much friendlier. For on the course support Cincinnati Flying Pig, Nashville Country Music and Indy Mini are all pretty comparable. (Cinci might be better because of the super friendly church choirs you pass twice - both up hill and down.)

After an early breakfast at Loulou's on the pier, we watching the children's 5K runners for a little while and cheered on the girls. (Young girls need more encouragement to be athletic.)

Karen and Laura came to the Expo for a couple of hours and relieved Deb and I. It's a treat to be able to leave the premises and eat lunch somewhere nice and relaxing.

Later they drove the course, and seemed a little concerned. Hurricane point sounds pretty rough. (I'm not going to worry about it.)

Overall, a good expo. I certainly will not get rich from this one, but we made great contacts and had a lot of fun. It is a great expo for my first trip this far west.

Wish me luck for tomorrow's race!

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Tammy said...

Good luck on the race!!! I hope you have a blast! Sorry the expo wasn't all you'd hoped for - I love Californians (my husband is one) but Midwestern culture is warmer and friendlier, in general.