Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's New Year's Day -- Have you Walked Yet?

Happy New Year!

After a fun and relaxing evening celebrating with friends, I was awake at the crack of 10 a.m. As I laid in bed I decided not to do the First on the First 5K race in Westerville, but walk at Antrim Park instead. I could see the sun through my windows and knew it would be beautiful at the lake.

Antrim is one of my favorite local places to walk and I often go there when I feel the need to walk someplace special. New Year's seemed like the perfect time to go someplace special.

There were not many cars in the parking lot and fewer than 20 people on the trail. It made me feel even more that I was doing something special. I was out walking in the cold and only a few other people were out there sharing the moment with me. Plus, I always prefer this park more when there are fewer people.

At first I planned to walk just two laps for about 2.4 miles. The wind was blowing and when it was in my face on one side of the lake, I froze. After I changed direction so the wind was at my back in the exposed areas, I felt great and decided to do three laps instead.

My initial plan was to take it easy today. I have not walked consistently over the holidays and just wanted to enjoy being outside. After about 5 min. I was in full racewalking mode and pushing! OK, so I can't take it easy. The adrenaline and endorphins felt great!

So I returned home feeling great. I walked because I wanted to, not because of pressure to do a race. The weather was beautiful. The location was perfect! I cannot think of a better start to the New Year!

So, have you walked today!

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