Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, What is Going on with Walk?

I’m sad to announce that after four years of publishing WALK! Magazine, we will no longer be publishing as a magazine. The combination of high printing costs, postage and a lack of advertising has combined to make it difficult for us to continue in the printed format. Though we originally planned to continue publishing entirely electronically, the decision was made too late.

The good news is, even though we will no longer publish a magazine per se, we will continue with an electronic newsletter that will incorporate many of the features of the magazine. The WALK! Magazine Walking Team will still train for races and travel to some great walking events. We will continue to do product reviews and event reviews. We will also continue our new column I am a Walker. We will still present the Best City and Best Event for Walkers awards.

Finally, we do not want to leave you, our loyal subscribers in a lurch. We are working with other publishers to make arrangements to offer you a replacement publication. (It will probably be electronic.) We will keep you posted either via e-mail, on our web site at or here.


Dixie said...

New year, different direction. Sad to read about the magazine. Glad to hear you'll be doing the newsletter. I'll be on the lookout for it. Seeing where 2009 takes me as far as participating in events. New grandbaby due to arrive in a couple of months has changed my plans for Cincinnati. Don't want to miss the blessed event.

Anonymous said...

Cindi, thank you for all you have done for walkers. It was a classy, professional magazine that did much to advance our sport. Dan

Cindi said...

Hi Dixie,

We'll miss you in Cinci! But the birth of a grandchild is much more important. Cincinnati will always be there.


Cindi said...


Thanks! I really appreciate the nice comments. Now, if only I could make money at it... :-)


Rachel AB said...

If you're no longer publishing the magazine, I would suggest no longer taking subscriptions. I feel a bit cheated having just paid almost $15 to subscribe to nothing when I thought I am subscribing to a great magazine...

Cindi said...

Hi Rachael,

We're not taking subscriptions any more. We haven't for several months. I'll look into it, but you shouldn't have been charged for anything.

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.