Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weight Loss Update

I lost the bet I had with Tammy and Larry Walks Fast. I did not reach my goal weight by June 1. Actually, when I finally started losing weight, I thought it was so easy, I got cocky and fell off the plan. I quit watching what I ate and went back to my old unsuccessful way of guessing at what I had eaten and how many calories I had burned.

At the beginning of May I had either 2 lbs. or 4 lbs. to lose -- depending on whether my original goal weight ended up being too light. I had a couple of parties to go to and a funeral to attend and I just quit paying attention. Before I knew it, I had gained 3 lbs. back and it was the end of May!

The good news is -- I am back on track! As of yesterday I am back down to my May 1 weight and now have either 2 lbs. or 4 lbs. to go depending on whether my original goal weight was too light (which it might be).

So I owe Tammy a pair of socks and I think I owe Larry a dinner. But that's OK. During the weight loss plan I have had a ton of people tell me I look younger! (Part of it is a better haircut and better color.) Thanks to Tammy and Larry for encouraging me!

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Tammy said...

Cindi...sorry you didn't make it. I was really hoping to buy you a pair of socks. But at least you are super super close to your goal now :). Good work, and keep on going! Maybe we should give you an extension?