Thursday, June 24, 2010

Food Issues Last Night

Last night my daughter and I went to a Mexican restaurant for a celebration Margarita. While there I also ordered some mini tacos with carnitas. They tasted pretty good and the pico de gallo was great. Everything else -- beans, soup, empanadas -- were not so good.

About a minute after we left the parking lot, I had a terrible stomach ache. It was bad enough that I stopped at a fast food restaurant for a drink and had my daughter drive home. It got progressively worse and I eventually lost my tacos. My first thought was "What a waste of a good Margarita!"

Though I did feel better immediately after the food left me, I didn't feel "right" the rest of the night. I actually didn't even feel quite right today, either. In fact, we ended up going to Skyline for dinner tonight (I know. Not smart, but it wasn't my idea.) and I didn't feel quite right after that either. After an easy evening walk, my entire body was achy.

So, though I have already decided that I will not eat at that restaurant again, I'm not convinced that feeling bad was caused entirely by the food. I have been feeling a little tired and I'm getting a summer cough. Maybe I'm coming down with something.

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