Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Couple of Walks

This morning I got in a 50-min. walk before church. I felt so drained it was one of those "arms down casual" walks. Not sure why I felt so drained. Though it was hot, the temps were not unbearable. and yesterday's walk was not very strenuous and only 4 miles.

Because I didn't feel strong this morning, I did another neighborhood walk about 8 this evening. It was pretty humid -- the sky was dark and getting ready to storm. It wasn't as hot, though. Still, for the first 20 min. I felt drained and walked casually with my arms down. Luckily, I then got a sudden burst of energy and tried a little racewalking. Though it felt great, I could only manage about 20 min.

I'm wondering if I might have caught something minor. I've had a cough for a few days (typical for me when in AC all day), Mexican food didn't agreed with me a couple days ago, and I've been feeling a little achy on and off.

Because I'm not feeling so bad I need to stay in bed, I'll just keep plugging along and hope it goes away soon.

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