Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Walked Two Days in a Row

Normally my walking two days in a row is not earth-shattering news. But since I have been feeling burned out for a little while, it's a big deal!

Yesterday after dinner my husband walked in the neighborhood with me for 45 min. It felt great!

Today immediately after work my friend Deb and I walked for about 50 min and it also felt great! It was a good thing we walked early -- a huge storm hit after dinner with lots of thunder and lightning and even a tornado on the other side of town. It felt so good to get in the exercise, I even rode the antique exercise bike for 30 min during the storm.

I think I'm starting to work through feeling burned out.


Wendee said...

Go Cindi, Go!!! Woot!

Cindi said...

Thanks! Most walkers understand how frustrating it is to feel burned out on exercise. I really hate it.