Sunday, July 25, 2010

6 Miles Saturday Morning

Saturday morning a group of the Buckeye Striders arranged to do 6 miles at Sharon Woods Park instead of the regular weekly 4. Even starting as early as 7:30, it was humid! The first 2 miles we took at a fairly easy pace as we made sure to head back to the starting point to be there when the rest of the group started at 8.

The group walked together for another 2 miles then some of the faster walkers went ahead at their normal pace. Deb and I started to feel the heat after mile 5 and mile 6 was a little tough. I'm glad we were taking it easy!

What I like about Sharon Woods is that in the morning this time of year the vast majority of the trail is shady. So though it was hot, it was a couple of degrees cooler in the shade.

I drank almost an entire bottle of water during the 90-min walk. Several of our group (who shall remain nameless) did not drink any water, and I was worried about them. Still they did OK that morning.

Despite the heat, it was a good walk and the more we walk in the heat and the humidity, the more acclimated we get.

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