Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Stress Walk

It's been a rough week requiring long hours and a little too much stress.

After working late enough to be the last person in the office building, I stopped at Griggs Reservoir on my way home to get in a stress-reducing walk. My plan was to walk just 3 miles at a decent pace -- not pushing too hard because of the heat -- 86 degrees. When I hit the turn-around point, I just kept going til I reached the end of the road.

As it turns out, that adds just 0.4 miles, but it felt good to want to walk farther. I picked up the pace on the last leg, but because I didn't have a stopwatch with me, I have no idea how fast I went.

The important thing is, I walked even though I'm feeling extremely stressed and after, I even feel better! Now if only I can get this project finished...

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