Saturday, July 10, 2010

Walking with my Sis-in-law

We get together with my husband's brothers and their families at least once a year. We usually alternate a full family reunion one year with just the three families the following year. This year we went to Branson, Missouri to meet up with several other members of the family.

Regardless of where or when we get together, my sister-in-law and I usually get in at least one morning walk. Because this trip was just a long weekend, we were only able to fit in a walk Saturday morning.

We hit the same road I walked alone earlier that features some of the tackiest tourist spots. As we talked about everything, we passed various go kart tracks, water parks and several theaters including Mickey Gilley's, Jim Stafford's and the Baldknobbers'. It was funny walking by huge marquees featuring photos of singers we have never heard of. I'm assuming they are well known in Branson, why else would they have photos the size of my house on the front of the building? We made it past the Titanic Museum (the building is in the shape of the ocean liner), and the Hollywood Wax Museum, but did not make it to the Andy Williams Theater.

Though the main purpose of these walks is to burn off some of the extra calories we consume when we are all together, the best part is having the chance to get away from the larger group for a little while and talk about anything.

Now that our other sister-in-law is not pregnant and is on her way to recovery from painful foot surgery, I hope she will be able to join us next time!

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