Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Baby it's Cold Outside!

To be ready for the first Fleet Feet training day Dec. 17, I decided I need to start walking every day regardless of the weather. I have not been walking enough to be acclimated. It was about 20 degrees this evening when I was finally able to go out. Based on advice from articles in the Winter issue of WALK! Magazine, I wore one long-sleeved T-shirt, thick walking pants, a fleece vest, a headband thing over my ears, and cheap gloves.

I decided to give it a few minutes and walked briskly away from my house. After 10 min I realized that I did not have on enough clothes. I was freezing! My arms were VERY cold, my hands were frozen! I had my hands balled up inside the gloves and that helped a little. Because I was already 10 min away from home, I just kept going to walk the entire 30 min I had scheduled.

Thank goodness there was no wind! After today I know I need another layer - either a wind shirt, wind-proof jacket, or another shirt - GOOD gloves or mittens. If it is windy, I'll definitely need the Gator on my neck.

Regardless, it felt good to be outside. I know if I keep walking, pretty soon I won't even notice the weather.

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