Friday, December 23, 2005

Weather is Relative

I knew a month ago that as soon as I was acclimated 32 degrees would not feel cold. Thank goodness I am acclimated!

I went out in one pair of walking pants (thicker than sweatpants), one long-sleeved shirt, a fleece vest and a windproof jacket. I also had on a headband for my ears, cheap gloves and a scarf. I prefer a tube thing that is fleece that I wear on my neck, but I couldn't find it today. I really hate having a cold neck.

After 15 min I was too hot. I was unzipping the jacket and vest to let out the heat. My hands were so hot I almost took off my gloves. These are the same gloves my hands froze in last week. I still needed the scarf because my face was cold.

I was in the neighborhood and walked mostly in the streets because not many of our sidewalks are clear. It felt so good, that after I finished my usual route in under 30 min, I went up and down the cul de sacs by our house to make it an almost 45 min workout.

It feels great to be able to be outside on a day like this! If the typical Ohio weather holds up, we should lose all of our snow tomorrow as rain is predicted, and highs around 45. That's OK. It will feel almost like spring after the record lows we've had.

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