Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ohio Weather

Who knows what Ohio weather will bring! Throughout most of December we have had record low temperatures. Then, just in time for Christmas, the temperatures rose, the rain began and the snow melted. That's OK, the snow will be back and will melt several more times before winter is over.

Today at lunch the skies were sunny, the temperatures mild and I just could not help taking a short walk. It was only 10 minutes by the river, but it was beautiful! I was very inspired and decided I would walk 3 miles when I got home in the early evening. Besides, I had eaten 3 cookies that I really did not need that morning and I had been feeling sluggish and guilty. (They were not even tasty cookies!)

I had been away from windows most of the afternoon and was floored when I looked outside at 4 p.m. to see grey rainy skies. Not what I expected! By the time I got home, it was barely sprinkling and in the mid-50s, so I decided to go ahead and walk. The sprinkling stopped shortly after I started. I walked hard and worked up a sweat as I headed to the park next to the nearby library. By the time I was heading back I got a call from my son saying he needed a glue stick, so I stopped at the local store. (I had money, but was 12 cents short. The cashier kicked in the last few cents! What a nice guy!) The temps had dropped to about 50 and after being inside I got chilled when I went back outside. I had to pick up the pace just to keep warm.

I am so glad I took this walk today! Though my training schedule said I needed to rest today, I missed my 30-min walk yesterday. I felt so great, I walked over 45 min! What a great way to spend a really grey day!

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