Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Good Walk

I like walking in the snow as long as the wind isn't blowing. Walking in the snow at night is relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I like the way it seems light out, even late in the evening because of porch lights reflecting off the snow. I really like the way a blanket of snow muffles traffic noises and other intrusive sounds. It's easy to get lost in thought when all you can hear are your own feet crunching along.

Tonight I went out in my hiking boots, jeans and winter coat just to trek through the neighborhood. Though it is cold out, about 32 degrees, the snow had been melting most of the day making it slushy. I wore the boots because I wasn't in the mood to wear sneakers and get my feet all wet. My usual route, which takes about 28 min., took about 40 tonight, but that was OK. It was one of those walks where I was concentrating so hard on where to put my feet, and was so deep in thought, I was momentarily lost. I do this a lot. I lose track of the streets I had turned on, and have to look around to be sure of where I am.

I feel great after this walk, but I'm also a little nervous. This Saturday is our first training walk for the Capital City Half Marathon (April 1), and I'm worried about what I will wear. I don't think I can show up in my hiking boots and winter coat! I'm sure it won't be too frigid and I'll just wear some of the old jackets and gloves I wore last year. They aren't pretty, but with enough layers, they did keep me warm.

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Judy said...

You are so right, Cindi, about walking in the snow. My husband and I walk every morning at 5, and I often get out in the late afternoon or early evening. We've had a good five inches of snow on the ground for the past two weeks or so. The quiet solitude that the cushion of the snow provides is so peaceful and relaxing. I used to absolutely hate the cold, but now I find I can't wait to get out in it and walk. I am especially proud to say I have walked through temperatures in the single digits and wind chills around 0 already this season but have not felt the cold due to proper layering and fast walking, of course! I have even attained some personal bests in local races in these temps. As you train for the Capital City Marathon, we are training for the Hamilton (Ontario) Around the Bay Road Race, which is a 30K run and walk, on March 26. We are thinking that it very well could be blustery, snowy and cold, so this Michigan weather provides good training. I do admire you getting out in your boots. I came home from work today and saw the deep ruts of snow in the roads around our house after a snowstorm yesterday and decided to forego getting my shoes all wet and feeling like I'm walking through quicksand. Hopefully, a snowplow will find our neighborhood soon! Shoveling snow does provide good cross training, I must admit, along with cross country skiing.