Monday, April 10, 2006

A Beautiful Day!

Today was so beautiful I went for a short walk. Actually, I just walked to the post office to check my mail, but it is about 1 mile round trip.

Part of the reason I decided to take the walk is I'm in pain. I'm pretty sore from yesterday's half marathon and needed to move a little bit. I knew I'd have some pain since I was not trained as well as I would have liked, but I had to laugh when it hurt to get out of my chair earlier today. Stairs are a little bit of a challenge, but not too bad. I've definitely felt worse.

But, being a sucker for beautiful days, it was very difficult to keep it to just 1 mile. Luckily my muscles would not have cooperated even if I wanted them to.

I'm a little bit concerned about training for Cinci in 26 days. I'm glad that members of the Marathon Walking group on Yahoo offered some great advice.

I'm sure there will be plenty more beautiful days to come.

1 comment:

Larry S. said...

Cindi, just go real easy this week, and pick it up next week. You can do it!

After doing the Half in Columbus, I need a break!