Saturday, April 22, 2006

Run Happy 10K

Today was the Run Happy 10K in Central OH and hosted by Run Wild Racing. Those of you who do not have walker friendly races near you would love Doug Grout of Run Wild. He loves walkers and treats us very well.

It had rained last night, but luckily had stopped before I left for the 8 a.m. race. It was great seeing many of my Buckeye Strider buddies! I also ran into Reggy, who I first met at the Bingham race in Columbus a few weeks ago. The skies stayed lightly overcast, the temps were mild and I was excited to be able to race in shirts sleeves and shorts.

Some of us started at a 15-min mile pace, and had planned to walk the entire 10K at that pace. Alas, only Reggy and I were really that slow. In reality, we were the two slowest for a very long time. After we both got rid of our shin splints, our pace picked up to 14:45, then 14:30 and eventually a 14-min mile! I was thrilled! Up until the last half mile, we were dead last.

Not that I am conceited, or even worried about being last, but I was very surprised that walking at that pace I would be last. This was a very fast group of walkers!

Congratulations to Reggy who received an age-group award!

A special congratulations to Jacqueline! This was her first 10K and she finished right behind me. (OK, I had to work very hard to catch up to her so I could pass her, but that is beside the point.) She was so thrilled, finishing brought her to tears! I hope I'll see you at many more races!

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