Monday, April 17, 2006

I Hate Blisters

I have not had blisters for a very long time - not since I found the wrinkles in my insole and switched to Wright socks.

During the Xenia Half Marathon I developed a blister on the heel of my right foot. I could feel the heat, I knew it was coming, but I kept plodding along. By the time I got back to my car and took off my shoe, it was huge.

I know you shouldn't pop blisters, and I try to avoid it. So I left this one alone all week and it slowly shrank. But Saturday my husband and I did a 6-mile (almost) training walk. Before leaving I put a "blister block" on the sore spot. It didn't help. Within a couple of miles I could feel the blister getting bigger and bigger. By the time we finished, I was almost limping. The blister was humongous!

Sunday, it was so huge I couldn't wear real shoes so I wore sandals all day. That night I couldn't take it any longer. I cleaned the area with alcohol, cleaned a needle and popped it. I cleaned the area with more alcohol and applied another blister block.

Though I'm a little worried, I would rather pop the thing myself while my foot is clean rather than have it happen in the middle of a long walk when my feet are hot and sweaty.

Monday, I feel OK but wore shoes with no back. I'm hoping to do some really light mileage this week, which I probably will not even feel. The test will be this upcoming weekend with I enter the Run Happy 10K outside Columbus, OH. (

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