Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Great Training Walk and other Ramblings

Sunday I had a great training walk. I headed to the library, did three laps around the park and headed home - a little over 5 miles. I was not quite sure how many miles to do. Normally, I would taper the weekend before a half marathon, but I have been tapering for WAY too long with the Fleet Feet team. In addition, I stood for 4 hours Saturday to monitor the Half Marathon. I wonder how many training miles that equaled?

I tried a new pair of Brooks shoes given to me by Fleet Feet and they were nearly perfect. They are so light, they feel like slippers and they bend in the perfect spot. At the same time, my feet felt cushioned enough. My only complaint is that my right ankle felt as if it was leaning inward. If my feet and ankles were a little more stable they would be perfect! So, since they are running shoes, I'll probably let my kids fight over them. They are really cool looking, and feel good, I wish they worked better for me.

BTW: Good news - I have again been inundated with new subscriptions! Bad news - my data entry person is no longer available to help me. She is really great, too. So, I am adding a few entries every night and will send out copies as quickly as I can.

I'll be walking the Cleveland Half Marathon with a small group. My husband and some of his co-workers will be walking their first half and I'm planning to join them. I'm not sure what their pace will be, but it should be fun. Because I'll be doing the Flying Pig two weeks earlier, I'll just take it easy. If any of you register for this race, be sure to say you heard about it in WALK! Magazine. In the drop down menu select "other" then type WALK! Magazine in the blank.

I also found out that several friends will be doing the Pig! I'm really excited!

Well, enough rambling for now. I'm thrilled to find out so many people had fun at the Bingham race over the weekend. Thanks for understanding that we did not catch all of the runners. I'm sure it will be even better next year!

PS: Larry, yes I was on High Street near Nationwide. I was on Front near the end of the race, too.

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