Saturday, April 22, 2006

Shirt Order Delays

I probably owe a few people apologies. Their technical shirts have been on hold for a VERY long time! I put a notice on the WALK! Magazine web site saying the shirts were delayed. I even indicated what day I would receive them, which was yesterday. Unfortunately, I did NOT post the delay situation in the WALK! Magazine store. (Now that would have solved the problem.)

Today I received an e-mail from an unhappy customer. She sent an e-mail last week upset that her shirt had not yet arrived. I replied explaining the delay, but she was still unhappy. I got a scathing review of my store.

She also indicated that the store is difficult to navigate. I had not realized that before, and am not sure what I can do about it. I use Yahoo and there are only so many things I can change and the program is NOT user friendly. Regardless, I will look into improving the checkout process. I plan to add Pay Pal and remove the credit card approval system I currently have to use. Pay Pal can accept credit cards, so that should make my life easier and more profitable since the transaction fees are lower.

So, I am sorry it has taken so long to receive the technical shirts. They are going in the mail this weekend - some today and some tomorrow. None of them will be postmarked until Monday.

I hope you find the shirts were worth the wait.

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