Thursday, August 24, 2006

Commercial for Apple

This is totally unrelated to walking, but I have to say something.

My daughter wanted an Apple Powerbook. Through her school she could get a great deal online, but I was not sure what she would need. We took a trip to the local Apple store to talk to a sales person. The person we found was so great, he even helped us order the computer through the web site instead of buying it through the store!

The laptop showed up a few days later. She tried to play a CD and immediately discovered the computer wasn't working correctly. A trip back to the Apple Store and the "Genius" (the name for their repair people) highly recommended that the computer be replaced. It could not be replaced through the store because we bought it online.

Anyway, she called Apple today to follow up on the service call and arrange to return it. They have already begun building her new computer. Arrangements have been made for this one to be returned and the new one to be shipped.

Sure, it is truly disappointing that her laptop doesn't work. I know from experience this is extremely rare for Apple computers.

The good news is, everyone we have talked to, from the sales person to the repair person, to the phone support have been fantastic! Every single person was intelligent and helpful. So, despite the fact the computer is not working correctly, everyone has agreed to the same solution. It's likely she will receive the new computer in just a few days.

Anyway, when one company has such great employees, it's important to tell people.

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