Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fitting Walking In

Trying to fit walking in can be tough. I'm training for the Columbus Marathon Half using the training program put together by the Buckeye Striders. (Actually, the members took a couple training programs and revised them to the club's needs.) I've been doing the best I can, but I just cannot fit in all of the miles I need. I have not asked any of my columnists what the best thing to do is, but here is how I'm handling it.

I am going to walk 4 days a week since I just cannot fit in 5. And I will never skimp on a distance day. I have not yet done my distance on a Saturday yet, but I still get in the long mileage.

Half marathons are more forgiving than full marathons. Because I have completed many of them, they don't scare me. Unfortunately, that also makes me less likely to follow a training program closely enough. Sometimes I get a little cocky and assume I have built up muscle I haven't. I'm hoping to be smarter this time. I want to be able to finish faster and feeling good.

So far, my training is going great!


Larry S. said...

Cindi, glad to hear your training is going well. I saw the Buckeye Striders out at Sharon Woods last Saturday. Have you been over there with them? Rob kicked my butt at the Buckeye Classic 10K last weekend at Griggs.

I'd be curious to hear the most effective training schedule based on 4 walks per week. I have been mananging to get 5 in a week, but sometimes it is tough to make the time.

The e-magazine is great! Keep up the good work.


Cindi said...

Hi Larry,

I have not been to Sharon Woods with the group in quite a while. I need to walk with them more often.

I used to have tons of training schedules with lots of variations, and I can't find them right now. I remember one that had you walk 4 miles 3 nights during the week, and then a long slow distance on the weekend. (That was the one I was looking for.) If I find one that looks, I'll let you know.