Friday, August 25, 2006


Foods I cannot live without:
1) Trader Joe's "A Fig Walked into a Bar" breakfast bars.
2) Chips and salsa - any salsa.
3) Cheese.
4) Peanut butter. (Especially on mornings before a long training walk.)
5) Good dark chocolate.
6) Coffee.
7) Hot dogs - but only during baseball season.
8) Any pasta.
9) Diet Coke with lots of ice.
10) Corona with lime.

Foods I would not miss if I never had them again (I don't hate them I'm just lukewarm):
1) Cottage cheese.
2) Applesauce.
3) Jello.
4) Apples.
5) Saltine crackers.
6) Ginger ale.
7) Sushi.
8) Any food establishment's combo platter of deep-fried appetizers.
9) White bread.
10) Breakfast cereals.

Foods I would eat non-stop if they were healthy:
1) Potato chips with dip.
2) French fries.
3) Good trail mix.
4) Cheeseburgers.
5) Good dark chocolate.
6) All cheese.
7) Schmidt's Bahama Mama's.
8) French fries. (I really like French fries!)
9) Corona with lime. (La cervesa mas fina!)
10) Fried fish sandwiches.

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